Who is behind Todd Talk Radio?

TODD Awesome gimpMy name is Todd Jenkins and I’m a channeler, writer, futurist and founder of Todd Talk Radio.

With the help and direction of The Panel of Galactic Beings of Light, I created Todd Talk Radio to be a catalyst for positive change.

Through educating and growing all sentient beings on two fundamental aspects of our present reality:

  1. Disclosure of World Corruption, ETs, and alternative energy and food sources.
  2. The Multidimensional nature of ourselves, and The Shift that we’re experiencing on a Global scale!

The Shift becomes my passion

Now, I stumbled across this material 9 years ago when I was going through a pretty tough time, and it totally transformed my life.

Actually, it was much much earlier than that. Deep down I knew there was more to my life than I was admitting to. Not only did I fight it, I fought it hard, I just didn’t know how or what to do with it. I am talking about the early onset and personal relationship with The Panel of Galactic Beings of Light.

It wasn’t until I had a Channeling session did all the confusion of my life finally pull itself together. I finally understood the bigger picture and I had my orders. I now represent and channel The Panel for our planet EARTH, I created Awaken To The Shift™ Community, I built Todd Talk Radio™ and am creating Mystery Schools International™ and Alchemy Fusion™.

Believe me, I’m talk-en about a deep profound inner transformation with the revelation of an extraordinary high priority mission, one that I take very seriously.

Let’s be honest here, there is a lot of fear and anxiety having to do with the turbulent times we are currently experiencing. Many of you are looking for answers and solutions. I have them, after all, what we are really looking for is more joyfulness and peace in our lives…Right?

I realized early on in my journey, that to intellectually understand this knowledge was doing NOTHING! I needed to internalize, manifest and KNOW it.

I couldn’t just talk about it, I had to BE about it!

So, I have spent the past 9 years deeply immersed in this material. I researched and analyzed with a FEROCIOUS appetite these ideas and extrapolated the gems of wisdom from The Panel on the Multidimensional nature of ourselves, The Shift, and the Nature of Our Reality.

With all of that said, have no doubt that it is part of my mission to encourage each and everyone of you to raise your vibration and evolve into the Spiritual essence you are.

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